BLUEBERRY, BRIE AND LEMON CURD GRILLED CHEESEBy adminA grilled cheese sandwich doesn't always have to be a dinner or lunch meal. This ultimate blueberry, brie and lemon curd grilled cheese is sweet and decadent. This ultimate grilled cheese sandwich is perfect for dessert!
IRISH GRILLED CHEESEBy adminSt. Patty's Day is quickly approaching. If you don't have the time to make the corned beef and cabbage with all the fixings, here is a quick and easy ultimate Irish inspired grilled cheese. It uses typical Irish ingredients like zingy Irish mustard and aged Irish cheddar cheese.
AIR FRYER GRILLED CHEESEBy adminWho says you must use a skillet and stovetop to make the ultimate grilled cheese? Go outside the box and create a melty, golden and crispy grilled cheese in your air fryer. Bread, cheese and butter are all you need, and you are on your way to the ultimate comfort food.
APPLE CINNAMON GRILLED CHEESEBy adminThis is a sweet-and-salty grilled cheese sandwich with just the right amount of tartness. It can serve as a light lunch, snack or even dessert. It is also kid-friendly, but adults love it too!
MOZZARELLA GRILLED CHEESEBy adminThe mozzarella grilled cheese is a simple yet delicious sandwich. This grilled cheese is so versatile, and you can elevate it in many ways. For example, add roasted chicken for a heartier version, parmesan cheese on the outside before grilled for extra texture, garlic butter spread for more flavor. The options are endless!
ITALIAN GRILLED CHEESEBy adminThis is a unique twist on the classic grilled cheese. The grilled cheese is dipped in egg coating with Italian spices and parmesan cheese. This twist gives an expected flavor to the grilled cheese and a bit of extra crunch from the parmesan sprinkles on the outside.
WAFFLED GRILLED CHEESEBy adminThis classic grilled cheese sandwich is so simple and easy, your children can make it themselves as an after school snack. No turning on the stove .. simply pull out the waffle iron and you have a glorious grilled cheese ready in minutes. Because you are using the waffle iron, the grilled cheese will be crunchy and crispy as there are a ton of nooks and crannies!
GRILLED NUTELLA SANDWICHBy adminNot all grilled cheese sandwiches need to be savory. Try jumping into fall with this sweet grilled Nutella, brie, pear and fig sandwich. This sandwich is so ooey-gooey, creamy and chocolatey .. who can resist?
SHEET PAN GRILLED CHEESEBy adminIf you are in a hurry and feeding a crowd, this sheet pan grilled cheese is a winner for you. This recipe is quick, easy and you can make several sandwiches without worrying about flipping or watching the sandwiches on the stove. Simply assemble, bake and serve!
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